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Professional Online Skincare Dispensing Network

RegimenMD, LLC, offers a web-based solution for doctors to easily and efficiently sell skincare products to their patients. With the proprietary Regimen Pro™ Network, doctors are able to run a virtual retail store from their practices without any overhead costs.  All sales transactions occur on the Network and all products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the patient’s home. 

The revolutionary feature of the Regimen Pro™ Network is that it also offers doctors a “continuity of care” auto-refill program for their patients. 

Regimen Pro™ is 100% free for doctors to join and the doctor-patient relationship is maintained for the lifetime of patient purchases and refills through Regimen Pro™.

Industry media has already picked up on the enthusiasm of doctors and the potential of this model, postulating RegimenMD as “The Amazon of Dermatology”.

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How It Works:

Orders are placed in the doctor’s office or online at the patient’s home 24 hours a days 7 days a week.  All orders are shipped direct from the manufacturers to the patients, reducing or eliminating the need for the skincare dispensing physicians to stock inventory.

Regimen Pro™ provides the patients with detailed product information and manages a continuity of care auto-refill program to encourage long-terms use and best results. 

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Now Physicians Can:

  • Dispense a wide range of professional skincare products without having to stock inventory
  • Be price competitive and not under priced
  • Retain patient’s refills / continuity business
  • Extend patient education about the products through online programs
  • Start dispensing with no inventory investment or other costs
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Now Patients Can:

  • Have 24/7 access to the skincare regimen their doctor recommended
  • Review personalized notes and regimen advice from their doctor 
  • Order products online from an expansive catalog of physician-grade, premium skincare brands
  • Get their best results through auto-refills for any products with the continuity of care program
  • Free shipping and auto-delivery
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RegimenMD Product Manufacturer Partners:

RegimenMD partners with leading manufacturers of well-known, premium skincare products that are commonly sold through doctors.  Manufacturers ship orders received from RegimgnMD directly to patients to ensure products are genuine and fresh. All products offered in the Regimen Pro™ Network are endorsed by the RegimenMD physician advisory board.

Manufacturer Benefits Include: 

  • Loyalty from physicians from supporting long-term product use within the doctor-patient relationship
  • New business from physicians that do not carry inventory of your products
  • Additional  opportunities for patients to discover your products
  • Facilitate product launches by giving all physicians and patients immediate access to a new product
  • Ensures all practices are able to sell your entire product line
  • Automatic shipments to patients with our continuity of care program mean more sales
  • No counterfeit products. All orders are shipped from the manufacturers’ warehouses to the patient
  • Brand equity is protected since all products are sold at MSRP
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