Bill Barlow

Chief Technology Officer

Bill is a strategic branding expert with 28+ years of direct response marketing, branding, public relations and international trade experience. He has participated in the design and development of sales & marketing systems, e-commerce platforms and the integration of third party system for the purposes of consolidating marketing campaigns. In 2009 Bill formed a joint venture development agreement with Jagged Peak to create a new e-commerce affiliate model, which later went public.


Barlow specializes in communicating relevant messages that causes the target audience to respond. He has sold products on television in over 80 countries worldwide. He has sold products and services via infomercial as well as on live TV shopping channels.


Bill is one of a handful of people that has physically been in every shopping channel in the world that broadcasts 24/7 live programming. He specializes in new innovations and technology. While he has sold products in literally every category, his biggest selling categories have been in home / kitchen (True Sleeper memory foam mattress toppers – $980 million in sales / $40 million various cleaning products), Fitness (Tony Little $200 million in sales) and beauty (Sweet Simplicity $80 million / Toma’s Tan Perfect $55 million, Ruby Crystal $15 million). Bill’s direct response branding and advertising methods have generated nearly four billion dollars in retail sales of consumer products.


Today Bill is the founder and president of Famous Discoveries (FAD), an international direct response marketing company. The company works with clients seeking direct to consumer product sales throughout the world. FAD develops company and product branding / sales messages, sets up and manages product sales on TV Shopping channels, works with product development, develops the systems, produces the video and other materials required to execute such sales and facilitate sales.

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